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Ring Method Circumcision ( Plastibell Ring/Circumplast Ring)

Plastibell Ring and Circumplast Ring are unique circumcision devices suitable for infants and children circumcision and are well tested and safe. Plastibell Ring and Circumplast Ring are FDA approved and CE certified.

The procedure is virtually pain free because it is carried out under local anaesthesia. There is no suturing of the foreskin. The devices consists of a ring which usually falls off spontaneously after 7-10 days.. The ring applies constant pressure to the foreskin, which prevents bleeding.

The main benefits of Ring Method Circumcision (Plastibell Ring/Circumplast Ring) in Children are:

  • Suitable for infants and younger children.
  • reduced pain
  • minimal bleeding
  • requires no stitching
  • requires no bandages
  • showering as normal during recover
  • no stitching marks
  • The ring falls off spontaneously in 7-10 days on average.

Circumplast Ring has been proven to be a very effective and safe method of circumcision in young children.

The Excellence Medical Circumcision Clinic is the only clinic in Ireland to offer Ring Method circumcision for babies and children (Plastibell Ring/Circumplast Ring).


Circumplast® is a sterile single-use circumcision device. The animation below provides a general overview of the procedure when conducting a circumcision using Circumplast®. Circumplast is one of the safest methods for circumcision for babies and young children.